National Good Agriculture Practices Program: Decision Trees

The purpose of the Decision Trees is to:

  1. Help you identify risks and practices that reduce risks;
  2. Prioritize the implementation of practices to use limited resources wisely;
  3. Familiarize you with the terms and methods necessary to understand and follow requirements and expectations for food safety from buyers, farm markets, schools, and federal regulations.

While there are specific links to different Food Safety topics on the Cornell University National Good Agricultural Practices Program page, start with the How to Use the Decision Trees and reviewing the Checklist to identify which Decision Tree you should complete first. Each Decision Tree follows a clear ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ pathway to make assessing your current practices as easy as possible!


New Mexico State University Downloadable Food Safety Signs

Audit Schemes

Need to schedule a food safety audit? Here are the groups to contact to find out how.

Primus Field Audit Program

Primus Facility Audit Program

UC Good Agricultural Practices: A Self-Audit for Growers and Handlers

USDA Audit Checklist

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